Green Party Policies

Green Party policies are developed by our grass movement members through branch activism. We discuss, negotiate and argue through policies as they are proposed by members and policy groups. Our policy work is one of the most vibrant and dynamic aspects of the party. All our policies can be accessed here


housing and community development

The Green Party believes in a fundamental rethinking of housing provision in Ireland; one that focuses on giving everyone the opportunity of living in a good home at a reasonable cost, in a stimulating, secure and sustainable environment. We are calling for a National Housing Agency to provide decent council housing, rent control and a site value tax. We want to see investment in modern cycling infrastructure, a cheaper bus system and expanded light and heavy rail.

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mental health

The Green Party emphasize proactive measures to promote mental/emotional wellbeing from earliest years when the foundations for a  solid  sense of security and self-esteem are laid down.  We believe that treatment of mental /emotional distress or disturbance should be based on a holistic and integrated model which includes recognition of psycho -social factors, and which facilitates maximum recovery towards full psychological health and social functioning


Reproductive rights

Choice begins before conception, and our policy proposals begin with responsible education and freely available contraception, so that becoming pregnant and being a parent is as far as possible a positive decision.

The Green Party supported the Citizens’ Assembly and as part of our support of that process we also support free, safe and legal access to treatments for pregnant people, up to and including legal terminations of pregnancy without restriction up to 12 weeks’ gestation. The Green Party is in favor of deferring decisions on terminations after this point to such conditions and time limits as recommended by qualified medical practitioners who are subject to the medical council.