Here's just a small sampling of the issues I want to tackle if elected (and which I will continue to fight for either way!)

Fair, Government provided housing

At the most basic level I am opposed to relying on the private sector to build either social or affordable housing and I believe that the State must stop giving away state lands to private developers or otherwise incentivising the private sector to do what should be done by the State. I believe in rent control and that the HAP scheme desperately needs reform. Dublin Central is a constituency where theses issues are damaging peoples lives in real terms, right now. Levels of homelessness and the standards of housing demand our action and are now impacting almost everyone in our community in one way or another. The time to act is now (or yesterday!)


Sustainable Communities

As a mother with a young, visually impaired child we have learnt the hard way over the last few years how difficult it can be to get out and about in the streets of our country. A lack of public transport, poor enforcement of traffic rules, and a city council that is under funded and poorly staffed has led to neighbourhoods that need support and vision to improve them. I have been involved in campaigns such as #MakeWayDublin and #ClearOurPaths that aim to improve accessibility to the outside world for the elderly and mobility impaired. As a specialist in sustainable community design I am also committed to protecting and increasing access to green space in the city, safe and properly designed cycleways and publicly owned and run waste disposal solutions.


disability and carers rights

I believe that persons with disabilities are not sufficiently cared for by the state, particularly in areas such as housing, education and healthcare. This is an issue close to my heart and I will fight for increased access to employment, fully supported access to education including third levels courses, and the provision of healthcare and appropriate supporting therapies to all persons based on international best practice standards.

As a carer myself I can see that just as persons with disabilities are individuals who should be able to adapt services to their needs, carers also should be considered as a spectrum of individuals who require a range of services and options if their needs are to be adequately serviced by the state.